These images show why the popular cosplayer has become the face of Japanese high school girls around the nation.


If we were to take a look back at some of Japan’s most popular cosplayers in 2016, 21 year-old Ayato Nikukyu would be at the top of the list, with her popularity exploding largely due to her appearance as the model for Bibi Lab’s Sera Kore line of schoolgirl uniform-style loungewear.

While she’s appeared in a number of different cosplay outfits, the one she’s most commonly photographed in is a Japanese sailor suit-style school uniform, with her youthful looks and short-bobbed, straight hairstyle making her a perfect fit for the look.

Most recently, she appeared in a campaign for factory business Ohmiya, and now she’s back to help promote another company, Doppelgänger, with their range of road bikes.

Seeing as Japanese students commonly commute to and from school in front basket-equipped “mama-chari” bicycles, this sporty-looking bike looks a little out-of-place at first, but Nikukyu is quick to show that schoolgirls can ride road bikes too.

In fact, she has a whole host of tips for potential owners of a Doppelgänger bike, which includes the importance of properly locking bicycles…

According to Doppelgänger, the recent appearance of road bikes as a form of transport in anime and manga is gradually working to increase its appeal across a wide demographic of young women and students. With Nikukyu in the rider’s seat, the popularity of the road bike looks set to increase even further.

Doppelgänger’s “Road Bike Schoolgirl” campaign includes an entire gallery of images featuring the pretty cosplayer, so be sure to stop by their website to check out more photos.