After your wedding ended, you probably never wanted to take off your dress. Between months of searching for the right gown, endless fittings, and hundreds of dollars spent on your dress, we don’t blame you. And you aren’t the only one who struggled to part with such a special gown.

One bride, Samantha Burns, from Cambridge, Mass., is so attached to her wedding dress that she has worn it repeatedly, including during everyday activities. Whether its golfing, fudge tasting, eating pancakes, or river cruising, no activity is too mundane for Burns’s gown. Every year on her wedding anniversary, she breaks out her wedding dress, because, what better way is there to channel the feelings from that day and reminisce about it than by getting back into that gown?

A relationship counselor and dating coach, Burns loves the extra attention her white strapless gown — with a sweetheart neckline and flower detailing on the skirt — attracts. “It’s a great endorphin rush that makes for fun stories and laughter with your mate,” wrote Burns, founder of “It’s collected some stains on the bottom, but I much prefer this than keeping it in a pristine box that will never see the light of day, or my husband’s adoring eyes.”

Burns married in 2014 and has celebrated two anniversaries since, doing everything from brunching to dancing, gown and all. “Playing golf was probably the most entertaining, because we love to play together and I drew quite a crowd at the driving range!” Burns told the Daily Mail.