FASHION is everything. That might seem kitsch for the creative director of the Adelaide Fashion Festival to say – but it is such an intrinsic part of life that is often underestimated.

Fashion has something that nothing else has. It has glamour, drama, excitement and emotion. Fashion is art – but it’s not static, it’s living; moving and tactile all around us.

Fashion represents creative expression. For our local designers in particular, when they come up with the concept of a garment to see it through the pattern-making stage, fabric selection and then final production, it is a dream fully realised.

That creative expression is also felt by the many seamstresses, pattern makers and assistant designers who support the making of these garments.

They are the ones who, along with the lead designer, get to be hands on with the beautiful textiles and drape and cut them into a silhouette that transforms the wearer from flat to fabulous.

We are still in the early days of measuring South Australia’s fashion industry but one thing we know is that it’s growing, and the Adelaide Fashion Festival contributes to that growth.

The festival has invested significant time with each of the designers being showcased to understand their businesses and mentor them in the opportunities of growth and exposure.