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The Belt and Road Fashion Week Opens in Guangzhou

Le 26 décembre 2017, 08:40 dans Humeurs 0

The Belt and Road International Fashion Week, part of China’s development initiative One Belt and One Road, kicked off Saturday with a keen interest in the local fashion industry.

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The International Fashion Week, which will be held until the end of the year at Liuhua Convention Center in Guangzhou, is a fashion show event involving leading fashion designers from all over the world, including China and South Korea. It’s expected to serve as a window for China to exchange culture with other countries.

The opening ceremony on Saturday was crowded with fashion people in China with a large number of professionals engaged in fashion industry and celebrities in attendance, including Long Yuxiang, Executive Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center (CICCC). From South Korea, Asia Today president Woo Jong-soon, Minjoo Party lawmaker Jung Jae-ho, Sun Moo University president Hwang Sun-jo, and Saddle Point chairman Koo Bon-il as chief Korean representative of the Fashion Week attended the event.

KODICE, whose design concept is ‘wearable accessory’, unveiled intense and urban looks centered on gold, black and red colors. Featuring the famous silk costumes from the Pearl River Delta in China, Xiang Yun Gu Li attracted attention with a collection that reinterpreted Chinese traditional costumes and another collection highlighting the pure white beauty with all-white fashion.

On Monday, Korean Brand Fashion Show Day was held with three brands including GABO, CHARM’s, and XXCC, drawing heated attention from the fashion industry.

Carrie K sparkles at Singapore Fashion Awards

Le 25 novembre 2017, 08:11 dans Humeurs 0

Jewellery designer Carolyn Kan of home-grown brand Carrie K took triple honours at the Singapore Fashion Awards 2017, held yesterday to recognise contributions to the local fashion industry.

Winners at the fashion awards included (from left) Mr Keita Ebihara and Ms Elizabeth Soon of Ametsubi, Ms Carolyn Kan of Carrie K, Ms Chelsea Scott-Blackhall of Dzojchen, Ms Trixie Khong of By Invite Only, Ms Marilyn Tan of Marilyn Tan Jewellery, and

Besides winning the inaugural Bespoke Award, created this year in a nod to the growing popularity of bespoke services, Carrie K also won the Best Collaboration of the Year prize for its Beauty and the Beast Collection in partnership with Disney.

Ms Kan, the founder of pro-local designers retail initiative Keepers, also received the Champion for Creatives and Designers Award for contributing to the industry with events such as Multiply: A Majestic Playground, in which more than 50 artists produced works at the New Majestic Hotel just before its closure.

A total of 13 awards were given out in three areas: Design, in which local designers are honoured; Marketing, which recognises the popularity and prominence of brands; and Contributor, in which make-up artists, photographers and stylists are celebrated.

In the Design category, the Designer of the Year Award (Fashion) was won by Ms Chelsea Scott-Blackhall of four-year-old streetwear label Dzojchen. She beat Aijek's Ms Danelle Woo and Nuboaix's Ms Jessica Lee and Mr Yong Siyuan.

In the Marketing category, menswear label Benjamin Barker garnered the Best Marketing Award. And the Top 3 Most Popular Brands of the Year, determined by public voting, remained the same as last year: Love, Bonito; By Invite Only; and Beyond the Vines.

The event, organised by the Textile and Fashion Federation, was attended by more than 360 guests, including guest of honour Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth, and Trade and Industry.

I Wore Flats to a Wedding — and I'm Never Going Back

Le 25 octobre 2017, 05:46 dans Humeurs 0

We've all got our fashion scars. For some it's a tragic trend that lives on in yearbook photos. Others were called four-eyes through their adolescence. For me, it used to be flats. But not just any flats — fancy flats. Standing 5'11" by my sophomore year of high school, I never felt comfortable in the stacked platforms and skinny stilettos my shorter friends collected. So I wore flat sandals to homecoming, a ballet slipper to my cousin's bar mitzvah, and (gasp!) kitten heels to prom. I was feeling wild that day.

So now that I feel comfortable in my skin — all five feet and 11 inches of it — I wear heels every occasion I get. Something about them makes me feel special like no flat can. So when it came time to walk down the aisle, albeit as a bridesmaid, I logged on for a digital heel hunt. And then the craziest thing happened. I clicked on, ordered, and wore a pair of fancy flats to my best friend's wedding. Here's why I'm glad I did . . . and am never going back.

The Venue

Turns out it's a pretty lousy idea to wear stilettos to a beach wedding, as a few of my friends found out the difficult way. The same goes for an outdoor ceremony on a lawn or — if we're being honest — any slippery surface (like, say, an aisle). Of course wedges are an option, but I find those can feel (and sound) a little heavy. So when I stepped onto the soft sand of Montauk, NY, in my rose-gold sandals, my feet felt like a day at the beach.

The Comfort

I have never made it through an entire wedding in whatever heels I arrived in (as candid dance floor photos can attest). At my friend's wedding at New York's Plaza Hotel, a pair of cage sandals left me barefoot and praising the powers that be that my gown was long enough to cover my feet. Not so with flats. I made it each step of the way right into the after-party without so much as a single Band-Aid.

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